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Job temporaire tout près de chez vous

Programmeur C++(au moins 2 ans en C++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Have you been learning computer science to change your home country? Have you been struggling to learn a lot but have the feeling there is more to it? Do you want to be part of something big? Well, I am a computer science engineer and I am currently developing the first application to launch a startup in Douala. The application will have a cloud server service implemented in C++, where the core algorithms will be. The aim is to develop intelligent applications supporting the normal citizens in our developing cities in different areas of their life. My aim is to create the biggest Cameroonian company in Artificial intelligence. If you are a student, who: want to extend his knowledge in coding and software engineering with C++ want to have more experience in working in a team with Scrum and its Agile process want to apply his skills and talent in a concrete project with a possible huge impact on our society want to earn some side money, you could be the person I am seeking. For us to achieve our goals efficiently as we are racing against time and market, here are the skills I will need from a student coder: Experienced in C/C++ (You MUST have been programming in C++ for at least more than one year and love it) For now, the company is in the making, so that we will mainly work remotely and via the internet; Therefore, if you are interested, you will need your own personal computer or laptop at home. The payment is done on a results basis. If, I have caught your interest, please contact us at:

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